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May 13, 1815

200 years ago today in Washington County, Indiana Territory, STEPHEN GLOVER (1787-1826) was granted his title to the northeast quarter of Section 8, T2N, R2E. Glover selected land for his settlement north of the North Fork of Lost River near the road laid out from Beck’s Mill to the Jesse Roberts homestead southeast of present day Orleans.  This land is located today in Orange County, Indiana on Washington County line midway between SR 60 and SR 337.

Stephen Glover was born in Essex County, New Jersey in 1787. He married Sarah Kirkham in Nelson County, Kentucky on August 1, 1808.  She was a native of Kentucky having been born near Lexington.  They crossed the Ohio River into the Indiana Territory sometime before 1812 as Glover was a resident of Harrison County, Indiana when he filed his claim for the land on Lost River which was then part of that county.

Stephen Glover was a son of Uriah Glover, Jr. (1740-1830) and Elizabeth Robinson Glover (1744-1822) who came to the Indiana Territory from Shelby County, Kentucky. Uriah Glover, Jr. was born in Long Island, New York.  He married Elizabeth Robinson and they lived in Essex County, New Jersey where they became parents of twelve children.  Uriah and Elizabeth and many of their children came to Kentucky where they lived for about twenty years.  Uriah Glover, Jr. took out six land patents in the Indiana Territory between August 13, 1812 and December 23, 1822. All of these pioneer farms were drained by Lost River upstream from its junction with Carter’s Creek.  Stephen Glover’s tract was adjacent to two of his father’s claims.  They undoubtedly worked together during their years along Lost River clearing almost 1,100 acres and raising crops and livestock to pay for their land claims. Uriah Glover, Jr. was also an experience miller as he served as mill foremen for the Bullitt Brothers at Spring Mill.  Uriah Glover, Jr. died at the age of 89 thereby outliving his son by eight years.  They are both buried in the Trimble Cemetery which was established on the neighboring land of David McKinney.

                                            MAP OF LONG ISLAND NEW YORK 1776

                                   GOOGLE EARTH VIEW OF STEPHEN GLOVER FARM

                                                 URIAH GLOVER, JR. GRAVESTONE
                                                              TRIMBLE CEMETERY

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