Monday, April 21, 2014

APRIL 21, 1814

200 years ago today, the first 3 judges of the Washington Circuit Court were Jonathan Lindley, Moses Hoggatt and Simeon Lamb. They were commissioned by the Indiana Territory government. These judges also functioned as the county executive until commissioners were first elected in 1817. All 3 were of Quaker affiliation. Jonathan Lindley was the leader of a large group of Quakers that emigrated from Orange County, NC in 1811 to Lick Creek which was then included within the boundaries of Washington County in late 1813. Moses Hoggatt settled to the immediate northwest of Royse's Lick in 1809. He frequently hosted the Indiana Rangers as they forayed out from Corydon on patrol to the White River area in pursuit of hostile Native Americans. Lamb as previously reported was a physician and ran the trading post at Royse’s Lick. By this time, Mary Pitts Lindley was getting tired of them constantly meeting in her house just south of the new “town” with all their attendants and visitors with muddy boots.

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